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Expert Residential Plumbing Services

At Rooter Express, we put our best foot forward in everything we do and provide only quality services to all our customers. From drain cleaning services to sewer pipe replacement, we do it all. 

Installation & Replacement Services

We offer installation & replacement services for:

  • Pipes 
  • New Toilets 
  • Sewer Pipes 
  • Garbage Disposals 
  • Trenchless Sewer Lines
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Toilet Repair Services

We handle everything, including damaged fill tubes, cracked toilet bowls, faulty vents, and damaged fill valves. 

Drain Cleaning Services 

We have years of experience in plumbing and provide the best services to ensure your drains run correctly. Whether you need regular drain cleaning or unclogging services, we will ensure to do a good job the very first time. 

Garbage Disposal Services

We help with all your garbage disposal needs, from repair and replacement to installation services. No job is too big or too small for us. Our team will conduct minor leak repairs to massive replacements for garbage disposal systems. We also clear out the waste in an environmentally safe manner. 

Water Heater Repair Services

We offer our services for tankless water heaters that use high-powered burners. They are also much more energy-efficient compared to traditional water heaters. Our team aids with repairing, replacing, and installing water heaters. Our expert plumbers will fix it, whether it is a clogging or flushing problem!

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Sewer Repair Services

We understand the unpleasantness behind sewer issues and ensure you get the help you require. Our 24/7 emergency services ensure you get quality help as soon as possible. We also offer regular maintenance checks and cleaning facilities.  

Leak Repair Services 

Our trained plumbers tackle various leakage and piping problems. With high-end equipment, we offer single leak repairs and complete piping services. 

Bathroom Plumbing Services

We help with: 

  • Fixture Issues 
  • Clogged Showers 
  • Backed-Up Toilets 
  • Low Water Pressure 
  • Hot Water Limitations 
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Gas Re-Piping Services

We help move your natural gas line for an appliance with utmost safety and accuracy. Our re-piping and replacement services are commonly available for property owners. We provide new and quality pipes in case of corrosion and install them within the timeframe. 

Kitchen Plumbing Services

We help you maintain your kitchen plumbing to ensure your system runs efficiently. Grease is the main issue that causes fixture breaks and logging. Our dependable team will come to fix the problem in no time. 

Commercial Plumbing Services

Apart from regular household plumbing requirements, we conduct Grade A commercial services, including hydro jetting and sewer line rodding. All our services are ADA-compliant and follow strict safety rules. 

Hydro Jetting Services

We provide high-quality hydro jetting services to clear plumbing lines. Sometimes snaking or rodding the drain is not enough, so we use water pressure to clean the drain. Hydro jetting help cuts even through the soft clogs, making it a more effective solution.